Trachelospermum jasminioides

Trachelospermum jasminioides – Star Jasmine

Covered in a mass of highly fragrant white flowers in late spring and early summer.


This is vigorous vine that can reach 5M tall. T. jaminioides is not self-clinging and does need the right framework for support. Alternatively, it can be grown as a ground-covering bush. It flowers on new growth.


T. jasminioides is native to Eastern and South-Eastern Asia, where it is usually found in woodland. A valuable perfume oil is extracted from the flowers and used in high end perfumery.

Soil / Aspect:

This plant will tolerate a range of soil pH, but the soil does need to be reasonably well drained. To flower properly it will need at least a few hours of sun every day on the flowering foliage. It is another of those plants that prefers to have its feet in the shade and its head in the sun. It is fully hardy, though in exposed situations there may be some wind-burn over winter.


This is a vigorous plant and will need to be cut back after flowering, which can be done with a hedge trimmer. No subtlety required. If the plant does get wind-burned you may have to tidy it up in early spring, once any damage is evident.