Arenaria montana

Arenaria montana – Mountain Sandwort

Carpet of long lasting white flowers in late spring and summer.


This forms a dense, evergreen mat just 10cm tall. It will spread both by seed and by layering. Flowers completely cover the foliage, and have a greenish tinge when they first open, maturing to a pure white. After the initial flush of flowers A. montana will continue flowering through summer and into autumn provided it gets enough water.

A. montana is from the mountains of the Iberian peninsula. It is as much at home filling in around rocks as it is forming a mat, particularly on sandy soils.

Soil / Aspect:

Tolerates drought once established. Prefers a neutral or acid pH. Spreads more prolifically in sandy soils. Flowers best in full sun. It can be grown very effectively in a rock garden, or around paving.


Generally pest and disease free. Avoid the temptation to shear off flowers if the first flush fades in a dry spell, as this will set the plant back. From late spring onwards you can propagate by lifting the edge of the mat to find rooted young plants that can be teased out and potted up.