Scabiosa caucasica Perfecta Blue

Scabiosa caucasica “Perfecta Blue” – Pincushion Flower

Pincushion-shaped buds, borne on erect stems, open to lavender flower heads above a clump of finely divided leaves.


This is a low growing, clump forming perennial, with leaves growing to about 20cm tall and the flowers rising above that. It is unusual in being a herb in the Honeysuckle family (Caprifoliaceae) which are mostly shrubs or vines. S. caucasica “Perfecta Bluie” has larger flowers than the species, has frilly outer petals and is not invasive, which can be a problem with the species. It flowers for a long period over summer and is extremely popular with bees and butterflies.


Scabiosa caucasica is native to the mountains of the Caucasus, north eastern Turkey and northern Iran. Scabious have been a staple of western gardens for a very long time. The first one, S. atropurpurea, was brought to the UK in 1591! S. caucasica was brought to the UK in 1803 and has been a popular cut flower ever since. The origins of the Perfection Peries are unclear.

Soil / Aspect:

S. caucasica is tolerant of a wide range of pH and soil type, but it must be free draining otherwise the roots may tend to rot. It flowers best given plenty of sun, though if the ground is allowed to bake dry then flowering will be curtailed. It is tolerant of frosts and will perform well even on exposed sites.


Flowering is promoted by regular dead-heading. S. caucasica is evergreen in Karin’s Garden and, at some point over winter, the foliage should be cut back hard to promote fresh growth in the spring. It has no significant pest or disease problems.