Kniphofia uvaria

Kniphofia uvaria – Red Hot Poker

Spikes of red/orange flowers rise above untidy mats of strap-like leaves.


The flower spikes of this robust plant rise to over 1½M. The evergreen leaves grow from a rhizome that does spread with time. In the right conditions this plant can be unhelpfully dominant


K. uvaria comes from the Cape Province of South Africa. It has since become naturalised in many countries around the world, and is considered to be an environmentally dangerous weed in Australia. In literature Asphodel is said to be an everlasting flower found in the Elysian fields.

Soil / Aspect:

K. uvaria is in the Asphodelaceae family, along with the Aloes. It can be found in many of the same environments as Aloes, though it does not require such good drainage. It prefers a sunny site.


The challenge for this plant is to keep it looking tidy. The flower spikes should be removed once they are finished, and dead leaves removed throughout the year.