Pandorea jasminioides

Pandorea jasminioides – Bower Vine

Bunches of bright pink flowers cover the evergreen leaves in summer.


This is a vigorous, evergreen, climber that can reach 5M. It will appreciate some support to get it going, such as a fence or trellis, but with time it becomes self-supporting and grows as a large shrub. The name of the genus is a reference to Pandora of Greek mythology who allowed evil sprites to escape from a sealed box – reflecting the many seeds released from the seed pods in this genus.


P. jasminioides comes from the tropical and subtropical rain forests, and warm temperate areas, of eastern Queensland to northern New South Wales. It is frost tender but seems to survive short periods down to -5oC once established.

Soil / Aspect:

P. jasminioides prefers well drained, acidic soils. It will grow in partial shade, but flowers best in full sun and, as a forest vine, it will grow to find light if it feels too shaded. Its vigorous growth makes this an excellent plant for forming a hedge along a fence line.


This will need some waterting to establish. However, it develops a strong and penetrating root system and should not be planted near underground drainage.