Dahlia Figurine

Dahlia “Figurine”

Pink “waterlily” style blooms with whiter centres and darker backs rise above luxuriant foliage.


Tuberous perennial growing to 1.3M. Each plant will start flowering before it reaches its full height and continue flowering into late autumn.  Stems should be supported in some way to protect the plant from the strongest winds that are bound to happen in the long season that the Dahlias are at full height.

There are many, many dahlias to choose from. Figurine is shown here as it is the one that fits the colour scheme in our personal garden.


Dahlias are native to Mexico and are the national flower of that country. The prodigious variety amongst Dahlias is believed to be linked to their being octoploids—that is, they have eight sets of homologous chromosomes, whereas most plants have only two – with transposons to move genes between chromosomes.

Soil / Aspect:

Dahlias do well in the clay around Motueka. They do not like to be water-logged over winter and will need some watering in the height of summer. They should not be planted where they will be exposed to strong winds. You can fight the good fight with your chosen method of support, but it is not a fight that Dahlias are well structured to win.


Once at its full height dead-heading should be used to maintain the shape of the plant. Plants will suffer from powdery mildew in late summer, which can be sprayed off if severe. In Karin’s Garden Dahlias seem to be fully hardy and do not need to be lifted each winter.