Cornus Eddies White Wonder

Cornus “Eddie’s White Wonder” – Dogwood

Large white flowers, 12cm across, cover this plant in early summer, followed by fiery autumn colour.


This is a small deciduous tree when mature, growing to about 6M, with a narrower shape than other dogwoods. The branches arise in a layered pattern to give the tree a somewhat pyramidal shape. The plant pictured here is in our personal garden, and has only been in the ground two years. The flowers are actually modified bracts, rather than true petals, giving them a longer duration than most flowers before turning an attractive pink colour.


This dogwood is a woodland native from North America. This one was developed in the 1950’s as a hybrid between two native species, the Pacific Northwest dogwood (Cornus nuttallii) and the common flowering dogwood (Cornus florida), native to Eastern North America.

Soil / Aspect:

Eddie’s White Wonder prefers acidic soil. It can tolerate reasonably wet ground, but should definitely have its head in full sun. In practice, in Karin’s Garden this plant manages the hot summers well and seems to cope well with dry soil once established. Given a choice this would be another to have its head in the sun and feet in the shade.


Like all Cornus this one is pretty much trouble free. Pruning should only include removal of dead or crossing branches, in order to avoid interfering with its distinctive branching pattern.