Grevillea lanigera Mt Tamboritha

Grevillea lanigera “Mt Tamboritha” – Woolly Grevillea

Clusters of pinkish-red and cream flowers appear in winter and spring above dense, prostrate foliage.


This is a compact, prostrate, evergreen shrub that grows to a  maximum of 0.4M tall and up to 2M wide. The dark green foliage has a silvery sheen from the covering of fine hairs.


Grevilleas come from Australia, parts of Indonesia, New Guinea and New Caledonia. This species comes from Australia and is the most commonly planted variety of the species. Despite the name, it does not come from the Mount Tamboritha region in Victoria’s Alpine National Park, but rather from the Wilson’s Promontary which is the most southerly part of mainland Victoria.

Soil / Aspect:

G. lanigera “Mt Tamboritha” prefers a well-drained situation with full sun exposure, or partial shade. The preferred soil type is sandy to medium loam that is slightly acidic and well-drained. It will not survive our winters if the soil is even moderately wet. It will withstand the light frosts that we get in Karin’s Garden.


This plants will keep to its own limits, and so does not require pruning. However you should make sure that adjacent plants do not fall over it. Once established it does not require watering – indeed it is best if you can avoid watering it when watering other plants nearby in summer.