Rhodohypoxis baurii

Rhodohypoxis baurii Pink – Rose Grass
Profuse pink flowers completely cover the foliage in Spring.


This is a rhizomatous perennial which form clumps that are only some 10cm high. Flowers last for several weeks and colour ranges from white through to red. The pink variety pictured is “Susan”. The foliage is short and grassy and hangs around unobtrusively until autumn when the plant goes dormant.

R baurii is a native of the rocky sloes in and around the high veld, and Drakensburg mountains, in South Africa. These areas are dry in winter when R. baurii is dormant. Though Rhodohypoxis hybrids do now exist, the R. baurii shown here is just a selection of the native plant.

Soil / Aspect:
Requires well drained soil and tolerates drought. The flowering period is extended by some moisture when in flower, which is just what it gets in Tasman during springtime. Despite the dry winters of its native South Africa, it seems untroubled by winter rain in Tasman. It is a reliable plant and fully hardy. Will tolerate a range of soil types, but prefers an acid or neutral pH. It really has to be grown in full sun.


R. baurii is suitable for growing in shallow bowls and under-planting shrubs in pots. It does not seem to require any maintenance, since the flowers and leaves [eventually] dry and disappear of their own accord. It is easily spread by digging up a clump in winter and breaking the “hairy bulbs” apart by hand.