Lilium regale

Lilium regale – Royal Lily

Majestic spikes of huge white trumpets with sensational fragrance.


This is a tall lily, rising to as much as 2.0M, though more commonly about 1.25M. The stems bear narrower leaves than most lilies. The dark pink flower buds are formed by three of the eventual petals. When the flower opens these are the three smaller petals and the pink colour on the reverse of these petals lightens. The face of all the petals is white with a large yellow throat. The prominent orange stamens and acid green stigma add to the drama.


Lilium regale is native to the Sichuan province of southwest China. In the wild it grow on the slopes of wooded and rocky hills, usually in sunny openings or on stream banks.

Soil / Aspect:

Fortunately this classic plant is also one of the easiest to grow. It prefers well drained soil but is remarkably tolerant. It definitely does like a lot of sun. Soil should be lime-free. Being so tall, it is best to avoid a windy spot, though the slender stem is much stronger than it looks.


L. regale does suffer from the Scarlet Lily Beetle. The larvae do the damage. They cover themselves in a faecal shield and tend to live on the underside of the leaves. Control is best done by picking the adults and larvae off by hand and crushing them. The adults are so easily spotted, that any infestation is likely to be spotted early.

The pollen, in common with many other lilies, is highly toxic to cats. A cat that has licked pollen off its coat may die of renal failure unless it receives urgent medical attention.