Full List Of Plants

This page has a full list of all the plants in Karin’s Garden, separated into four categories, by mature height.
Small (< 0.5M)

This plant grows from a large bulb that sits on, or close to, the surface of the soil. Extravagant pink flowers rise on bare stems in mid-summer.
This forms a dense, evergreen mat just 10cm tall. Carpet of long lasting white flowers in late spring and summer.
A low growing, tuberous plant that flowers for six months from early autumn. Outlandish flowers have recurved pink petals, forming a shuttlecock shape. This plant is a real jewel during the colder months in Karin's Garden.
This is a spreading herbaceous perennial, that dies down over winter. Masses of tubular pink flowers over drought resistant foliage for many weeks in late summer.
This is a hardy, spring flowering bulb growing to 30cm, and working as ground-cover once established.  Nodding yellow, pink or white flowers over marbled foliage in early spring.
This is a clump-forming bulb that thrives in well-drained woodland situations. Nodding white flowers with delicate green markings, over strap-like leaves, in mid-winter.
This is an evergreen perennial that forms low, dense clumps; never more than about 20cm tall. A mass of double yellow flowers above glaucous grey-green foliage year round.
Spreading herbaceous plant growing to about 50cm. Violet-blue flowers growing atop mounds of slightly marbled, deep green foliage. Lengthy flowering period from November to April.
This is a compact, prostrate, evergreen shrub that grows to a  maximum of 0.4M tall and up to 2M wide. The dark green foliage has a silvery sheen from the covering of fine hairs. Clusters of pinkish-red and cream flowers appear in winter and spring above dense, prostrate foliage.
A bulbous perennial to 30cm, with the the very striking blooms coming out before the large, broad leaves. Scarlet/orange petals surround a mass of stamens on a spotted flower stalk, resembling a shaving brush to some.
This forms a mound of leaves about 60cm tall and the flower spikes rise above that to about 100cm. Spikes of fragrant, large, white flowers rise above broad, pale-green, weed-supressing leaves in summer.
This is a classic woodland bulb, growing to about 40cm, putting up leaves and flowering before the tree canopy has come into leaf. Spikes of bright blue flowers rise above strap-like leaves in spring.
A vigorous herbaceous succulent that grows to 40cm in the Stonecrop family (Crassulaceae). Individual star-shaped pink flowers are borne in flat cymes that make a wonderful show in early autumn.
This is a spreading shrub, never more than about 20cm tall, layering as it goes. A mat of long-lasting day-glow pink daisy-like flowers in late spring.
This is a medium sized Daffodil, growing to around 40cm. Several, strongly scented, white flowers on each stem in late autumn / early winter.
Bulbous member of the Amaryllis family (Amaryllidaceae) with a flower stem that rises about 30cm above strap-like leaves. Improbably pink lily-like flowers with wavy edged petals and purple anthers on pink stamens.
Bulbous member of the Amaryllis family (Amaryllidaceae) with a flower stem that rises about 30cm above strap-like leaves. Pure white flowers with wavy edged petals and cream anthers on white stamens.
This is a half-woody perennial which forms a compact mat up to 0.5M high. It is probably the most profuse flowering plant in Karin’s Garden. Covered year round with light pink daisy-like flowers with darker eye.
This is a ground covering plant that grows to only 15cm, from pretty golden bulbs (officially rhizomes). Tight clusters of leaves along its stems, crowned with rich magenta blooms with cheery yellow eyes.
This is spreading evergreen that forms a weed-supressing mat some 15 cm high. Five-petaled lilac flowers with neatly “pinked” tips completely cover this plant in spring.
This is a frost tender herb that trails along the ground, forming effective ground cover up to 40cm high. Racemes of speckled white to light purple-pink flowers on stems with purple hairs over ornamental foliage.
These are small plants with flowers to 15cm followed by leaves to 30cm. Exquisite showy pink to purplish flowers arise on bare stems in spring.
This is a rhizomatous perennial which form clumps that are only some 10cm high. Profuse pink flowers completely cover the foliage in Spring.
This is a herbaceous plant, growing to about 40cm; with purple, spathe shaped flowers for a prolonged period from early summer. Dramatic rich purple spathes rise above spotted, arrow-shaped leaves.

Medium (0.5 M to < 1.5M)

This is a compact, semi-evergreen shrub that grows to a  maximum of 1.5M. Lilac-tinged flowers mature to white in late summer, to compliment the finely textured, variegated foliage.
Vigorous herbaceous plant with flowers rising to about 1m above leaves to about 50cm. Violet-blue flowerheads 6” across, above deep green, strap-like leaves.
This is a stemless succulent to 1.0m tall when in flower. Pannicles of bright orange flowers in early summer, over spiral leaf rosette.
This is a stemless succulent to 1.0m tall when in flower, with Pannicles of bright orange flowers in spring.
This is perennial herbaceous plant with flower spike rising to around a metre, above a mass of grapevine-like leaves. Statuesque buds open to rose pink flowers with cupped petals around orange stamens in late summer.
This is a deciduous and medium sized shrub. Profuse, cobalt-blue flowers cover the plant in late summer and autumn.
This is an evergreen shrub growing to about 0.6M at maturity. Each petal is a brilliant white with yellow base and exquisite inky purple blotch.
This evergreen shrub has a spidery growth habit and grows to about 0.8M. Fragrant, bright yellow flowers cover this plant for a long period over winter.
Tuberous perennial growing to 1.3M. Each plant will start flowering before it reaches its full height and continue flowering into late autumn. Pink “waterlily” style blooms with whiter centres and darker backs rise above luxuriant foliage.
This is a spreading, slow-growing, evergreen shrub growing to about 1M tall. Fabulously scented, waxy, white flowers from white buds, cover this bush in early spring.
This is a statuesque evergreen sub-shrub which makes an eye-catching focal point, growing to about 1.2M tall. Masses of extravagant, long-lasting, lime green flowers atop lush foliage.
This is a compact, densely branched, evergreen shrub, up to 1½m in height, with finely divided grey-green leaves. Bright yellow daisy-like flowers cover this bush for many months.
This is a fast growing, spreading shrub that grows up to 1½M tall. Masses of scented yellow daisy-like flowers cover this evergreen bush.
This is a small bush that can grow up to 1½M. Profusion of starry, pink flowers from late spring into summer.
This plant grows from corms and flower spike rise to about 1½M. Spikes of intensely yellow and orange coloured flowers rise above sword shaped leaves.
This is a small Gladiolus, and the plant grows to a little over ½M, with stiff upright leaves. Spikes of vibrant red flowers white markings and silvered backing to the petals rise above sword shaped leaves in spring.
This is a small Gladiolus, and the plant grows to a little over ½M, with a more lax form than many Gladioli. Spikes of brilliant white flowers with exquisite carmine markings rise above sword shaped leaves in spring.
An erect bushy shrub with long branches, with broad spear-shaped dark green glossy leaves, growing to 1.5M. Spikes of violet-purple flowers with white stamens cover this bush in late summer.
This is a small spreading bush to about 60cm tall. Racemes of pink, pea-like flowers in late spring / early summer.
This is a clump forming member of the Iris family (Iridaceae) that grows to about 0.8M. Lipstick pink flowers, darker at their centre, rise on stiff, slender stems that wave in the wind.
This is a medium sized evergreen shrub (up to 1.5m high), flowering in late spring. Pink buds open from icing piping shaped buds, to gorgeous flowers with a striking maroon-red band around the inside edge.
This is a small bush, growing up to 2.0M, flowering through late spring and early summer. Orange stamens rise above a cushion of red ribbons in each inflorescence.
This is a tall lily, rising to as much as 2.0M, though more commonly about 1.25M. Majestic spikes of huge white trumpets with sensational fragrance.
This is a compact, evergreen shrub that grows to a  maximum of 1.0M. It has semi-succulent leaves, covered in vibrant purple, pea-like flowers from September through to November..
This is a rounded bushy shrub with oval mid-green leaves, growing to about 1M tall. Pea-like rich mauve-purple flowers appear on the tips of the stems almost all year around.
This is an Iris, not a lily as the English name suggests, growing to about 60cm. Outlandish pink flowers rise from iris foliage making an eye-catching tropical statement.
This is a lax open perennial herbaceous plant, growing up to 1M forming a creeping clump from spreading rhizomes. Extraordinary, sculptural, orchid-like flowers; with both the petals and anthers bearing purple spots.
This is a herbaceous perennial with flower spikes that rise to about 1.8m. Tall spikes of trumpet-shaped flowers last for several weeks in spring.
The flower spike is up to 1.5m tall raising above leaves that lend to fold, so they never rise above about 60cm. Spikes of bell-shaped, creamy-white flowers rise from a basal rosette of sword-like leaves.
This is a herbaceous perennial with flower spikes that rise to about 1.2m, above upright fans of sword shaped leaves grow to about 80cm from a corm. Tall spikes of soft pink tubular flowers last for several weeks in spring.

Large (1.5M to < 3.0M)

This Aloe can grow up to 3M tall, but more typically to 2M in Karin’s Garden. Sprawling succulent with red flower spikes rising above rosettes of toothed leaves.
This is a succulent Aloe that can grow in to a small tree, as much as 5M tall. Bright orange tubular flowers on impressive flower spikes, usually in early spring. Whilst it can grow to 5M it is normally much smaller than that, so it is included here in the "large" rather than "tree" sized category.
This one of the tallest Aloes, reaching up to 3M. Tall spikes of bright red flower buds in spring.
This is a well-behaved, upright, evergreen, shrub growing to 3M tall. Miniature, single, pastel pink blooms adorn the glossy green foliage in spring .
This is an evergreen shrub with an open habit that benefits from pruning, growing to about 2½M. Gorgeous clusters of 8cm long tubular flowers, orange at the base and flared pink at the tip.
This cactus will grow up to 3M tall, though they are only some 6cm across. Slender, erect, grey-green columns, with burgundy flowers in spring.
This is a bushy, deciduous shrub, usually growing to about 2.5M. Each petal is purple with a white throat and delicate white edge.
This is a spreading evergreen herbaceous perennial subshrub that grows to about 2½M. Dense spikes of purple/blue flowers rise above hairy grey-green leaves in late spring.
This is a bushy shrub growing 2M tall, flowering on one or two year old growth. Bright yellow flowers, about 4cm across, cover the bush and arrive before the leaves.
This plant grows as a vine, reaching 2-3M. Extraordinary red/yellow flowers in mid-summer justify the rather immodest latin name.
An evergreen shrub growing to 1.5M, whose foliage develops attractive purple colouration in winter. Spikes of purple flowers with terracotta stamens  cover this bush in late summer.
An upright, hardy, deciduous shrub growing to about 3M. Large mauve flowers with a crimson blotch that radiates in to the petals, born over a long period through mid- to late-summer.
This is a large shrub (up to 2.5m high). Clusters of pink buds like cake icing pipings, open to little lampshade-like bells.
The flower spikes of this robust plant rise to over 1½M. Spikes of red/orange flowers rise above untidy mats of strap-like leaves.
This is a large multi-stemmed bush or small tree, up to 3M tall, with an open growth habit. More than a dozen 5cm long finger-like petals in each flower, covering this large bush before the leaves open.
Vigorous shrub that will grow into a small tree if not pruned. Clusters of pink, funnel-shaped flowers over lance-shaped grey-green leaves.
This plant forms a rounded bush up to 4M tall with a relatively open habit. Racemes of bright yellow flowers, the colour and texture of buttercup petals, from autumn through winter. S. corymbosa is included in this section as, though it can grow to 4M, it is really a bush and not a tree under a normal pruning regime.
This is a large shrub, growing up to 3.0M. Striking large red inflorescences in springtime. Each flowerhead is an absolute joy.
This is a bush that grows up to 3M. Vivid royal purple flowers born over a long period, over lush evergreen velvet leaves.
This is vigorous vine that can reach 5M tall. Covered in a mass of highly fragrant white flowers in late spring.

Trees (> 3.0M)

This is a fast growing, evergreen tree to 30M, that grows readily from seed. Racemes of yellow balls of stamens over blue-green leaves with silvered underside in early spring.
This is a small tree, growing up to 5M if left un-pruned. Deep purple foliage in summer, turning brilliant red in the autumn.
This a small deciduous tree, usually growing to only 5-7M, with a noticeably broad crown. Profusion of bright pink flowers comprising many stamens that resemble silk filaments.
This is a palm that will grow to nearly 10M, but is generally much less. Statuesque, with long blue-green fronds that sway in the wind.
This is small tree, reaching 5M at maturity. Bright crimson flower spikes cover the tree in late spring.
This is a dense, evergreen, upright, large shrub with a semi-weeping habit, with arching and cascading branches, growing to 4M tall. Large white single to semi-double flowers with ruffled petals and a mass of golden stamens.
This is a small tree (up to 6m high). A mass of pink pea-like flowers born on the bare branches in spring.

This is a small deciduous tree when mature, growing to about 6M, with a narrower shape than other dogwoods. Large white flowers, 12cm across, cover this plant in early summer, followed by fiery autumn colour.
This is an elegant medium-sized deciduous tree with spreading branches, growing to 8M. Masses of long-lasting, white bracts stand up from the spreading branches.
This is an ideal municipal planting This is a substantial tree, growing up to 15M tall and 20M across. Profusion of orange flowers made up of stamens, can completely obscure the foliage.
When young, F. parmentieri forms a rosette of stiff, blue-grey leaves, which mature into a tall trunk felted with the remains of old leaves. After growing for a few decades, a flower spike of epic proportions arises from a yucca-like trunk.
This the largest of the Grevilleas, growing to 40M, usually with a single trunk giving it somewhat the appearance of a conifer. Profusion of bright orange flowers cover this tall tree in summer.
Medium-sized tree growing up to 20M. Long-lasting clusters of vibrant purple-blue flowers in early summer.
This is a vigorous small tree, growing to 6M. Frothy pannicles of pink flowers cover the new growth for many weeks in summer.
This is a large bush, growing up to 4M tall. Profusion of pink flowers covers the tree for weeks in late spring.
This is a large upright tree with conical shape growing to 30M. Finely cut leaves, turning brilliant autumn shades of pale orange and apricot becoming purple.
This is a large, deciduous tree, growing to 10M in Karin’s Garden. Purple/white flowers cover this tree in early spring, before the leaves emerge.
Small evergreen tree, growing up to 5M. with a compact growth form that can be tightly clipped, making this plant good for hedging. Masses of large, pure white, lemon-scented flowers are borne in early spring.
Can grow up to 25M tall, this is the iconic New Zealand Christmas Tree. Spectacular red flowers are made up of a mass of stamens.
This is a vigorous, evergreen, climber that can reach 5M. It is includes under "trees" by virtue of its potential eventual height, rather than its growth habit. Bunches of bright pink flowers cover the evergreen leaves in summer.
This is a fast-growing tree that reaches 25 tall at maturity. Covered in large trusses of fragrant, lilac flowers in early spring.
This is an evergreen tree that typically grows to about 12m in Karin’s Garden. Trusses of pink bells cover this substantial tree in early spring.
This grows to be a small, spreading, multi-stemmed tree, up to 8M tall with an open growth habit. Racemes of bright yellow flowers cover this plant in spring.
This is an elegant medium-sized deciduous tree with spreading branches, growing to 10M. Masses of snowdrop-like flowers hang from every branch.
This is a vigorous, deciduous climbing vine that can reach 20M. Large rounded leaves which turn fiery shades of red, gold and orange in autumn.