Cornus kousa

Cornus kousa – Korean Dogwood

Masses of long-lasting, white bracts stand up from the spreading branches.



This is an elegant medium-sized deciduous tree with spreading branches, growing to 8M. The white “flowers” are actually bracts. These open with a green’ish tinge before maturing to a brilliant white. Bracts last longer than flowers, making this tree justly famous for its stunning and long-lasting display.


C. kousa is a native of Japan, China and Korea. It grows in open woodland conditions, with moist, well-drained, humus-rich, acidic soil

Soil / Aspect:

Once established C. kousa is a hardy and reliable plant. To flower best it probably needs an orchard type setting. This provides some shade for the lower parts of the plant and helps to prevent the soil from drying out, whilst allowing plenty of light.


C. kousa needs to be watered regularly during dry periods, to become established. It can be pruned after flowering. C. Kousa is not affected by the anthracnose fungus, Discula destructiva, that can kill other Cornus species.