Cistus x purpureus Brilliancy

Cistus x purpureus “Brilliancy” – Purple-Flowered Rock Rose

Gorgeous hot pink flowers, with a distinct crinkle to the petals, appear for a long period through early summer.


This is a bushy, evergreen shrub that grows 180cm high with wavy, dense, dull green leaves. Each petal has a deep red blotch at the base. Though each flower only lasts a day, it flowers over many weeks. The picture above fdoes not really do justice to the brightness of the petal colour.


Cistus comes from the mediterranean region. C x purpeus is a hybrid of Cistus ladanifer × Cistus creticus, that was first described by Lamarck in 1786. C. ladanifer confers the blotch and C. creticus confers the purple petal colour. Both parents grow on dry, rocky hillsides in full sun.

Soil / Aspect:

C. x purpureus can withstand both long summer droughts and cold weather, though not exposure to cold winds. However, the soil must be free draining. Being a substantial, evergreen shrub it will create a permanently shaded spot on its southern side, creating a particular micro-climate for whatever treasure you have that does not tolerate midday sun.


This is a low maintenance plant. You simply have to give it a hard prune after flowering, to keep it to shape and promote flowering on new growth the following year.