Gazania x

Gazania Double Yellow – Treasure Flower
A mass of double yellow flowers above glaucous grey-green foliage year round.

This is an evergreen perennial that forms low, dense clumps; never more than about 20cm tall. layering as it goes. Each flower is reasonably long-lasting, but with regular dead-heading it flowers pretty much year round.
Gazanias are native to South Africa, though they have naturalised extensively in coastal areas of Australia and New Zealand, where they can threaten native species. It colonises dry locations and poor soils from coastal areas to low altitude sandy soils and alpine meadows. Species of Gazania hybridise freely when possible. Garden plants are usually hybrids of G. linearis and/or G. rigens.
Soil / Aspect:
This plant is fully hardy in coastal Tasman conditions. It is drought tolerant and should be placed in full sun. Gazanias tolerate poor, dry soils once established.
This Gazania will eventually spread to fill the available space. The plant will tend to become a little bare in the middle over winter. In early spring, when you can see the new growth at the centre, rejuvenate the plant by cutting out the older stems. At this time you can lift the plant and propagate by cutting the clump into sections with rooted stems . Cut the leaves of each new plant by two thirds before replanting. After just a year each new plant may be lifted and divided like this into about a dozen new plants.