Hosta plantaginea

Hosta plantaginea – August Lily

Spikes of fragrant, large, white flowers rise above broad, pale-green, weed-supressing leaves in summer.


This forms a mound of leaves about 60cm tall and the flower spikes rise above that to about 100cm. Hosta flowers are generally a bit of a disappointment, but this is a glowing exception. This is a reliable plant that is grown for its flowers as well as its leaves. It is amongst the most fragrant of all hostas. It will die back below ground in winter.


H. plantaginea comes from China where it grows in damp shade. It is used to high temperatures and high humidity in its natural environment. The name “August” Lily comes [obviously] from the northern hemisphere.

Soil / Aspect:

H. plantaginea grows best in rich, damp soils, in shade. Ideally the soil should not be allowed to dry out in summer. However, this is a robust and tolerant plant. It is widely used as ground cover as it completely supresses any weeds.O


H. plantaginea should be divided every four or five years. It will appreciate being fed as the shoots emerge in spring. You should water it in summer as it will benefit from the moisture in the soil and the air humidity. If you are affected by slugs and/or snails then you will have to apply slug pellets.