Narcissus papyraceus

Narcissus papyraceus – Paperwhite Daffodil

Several, strongly scented, white flowers on each stem in late autumn / early winter.


This is a medium sized Daffodil, growing to around 40cm. It is frequently grown as a house plant in the Northern hemisphere, where it can be “forced” to flower at Christmas. It is the most stongly scented of all Daffodils and makes a great cut flower.


N. papyraceus comes from around the Mediterranean. The specific name “papyraceus” comes from the Greek meaning paper-like. It isĀ  not to be confused with the commonly grown Tazetta Daffodil, which is a hybrid between the taller N. tazetta and N. papyraceus, which has a yellow corona (trumpet).

Soil / Aspect:

N. papyraceus is said to be not fully hardy, but that does not seem to matter in Karin’s garden, where it thrives. As with all Daffodils it should be in soil that does not get waterlogged in winter, or dried out in summer.


This Daffodil will bulk up over time. Its bulbs have the endearing behaviour of popping out of the ground. You can literally go along, usually when they are in flower because that is when you are focussed on them, and pick loose bulbs off the surface of the soil.