Zantedeschia x Purple Haze

Zantedeschia x “Purple Haze – Calla Lily

Dramatic rich purple spathes rise above spotted, arrow-shaped leaves.


This is a herbaceous plant, growing to about 40cm, with spotted leaves and spathe shaped flowers for a prolonged period from early summer. The original species can be evergreen in damp conditions year round, but the garden hybrids will die down in late summer. “Purple Haze” and other similar hybrids, such as “Picasso”, overwinter in the ground just fine in Karin’s Garden, though they are only half-hardy strictly speaking.


Zantedeschia species come from South Africa; where they grow in full sun in grassland, savanna and the fynbos, with their roots wedged in between rocks to keep them cool and to protect them from porcupines. There have been intensive hybrid breeding programs in the Netherlands and in New Zealand. I have been unable to confirm the parentage of “Purple Haze”, but presumably it includes Z. rehmanii for the purple flowers and Z. albomaculata for the spotted leaves and lack of yellow in the flower. Botanically this in the Arum family (Araceae) and not the Lily family (Liliaceae).

Soil / Aspect:

Zantedeschia “Purple Haze” will tolerate damp soil, though it does not require it. Water when in flower if there is a lack of rain. This is a hungry plant that appreciates being fed when the shoots appear and when in flower. It will not thrive and flower properly unless in full sun.


Feeding and watering aside, this is a low maintenance plant. It does not suffer from any particular pests or diseases and does not need to be lifted over winter. If you are taking flowers for the house, the advice is to pull the stems, rather than cutting them, to avoid providing a locus for root rot.