Cyclamen persicum

Cyclamen persicum – Florists Cyclamen

Flowers appear over a long period of Autumn/winter, with outlandish recurved pink petals, forming a shuttlecock shape.


A low growing, tuberous plant that flowers for six months from early autumn. C. persicum is not as hardy as the hybrid Cyclamen, but they do have larger flowers.


The original C. persicum species is native to rocky hillsides, shrubland, and woodland up to 1,200 m above sea level, from south-central Turkey to Israel and Jordan. The florists Cyclamen that we are familiar with are varieties of that original species.

Soil / Aspect:

Cyclamen prefer partial shade, as they are really a woodland plant, and do not like exposed spots. This one probably need a spot near the house to save it from anything more severe that a mild ground frost. Also they can be overwhelmed by herbaceous plants. So probably best to find a place in amongst some shrubs where they will get some direct sunlight.


There is really nothing to do with this one. If it likes you then it will spread and be a joy, if not, then  . . . well . . . not.