Euryops virgineus

Euryops virgineus – Honey Daisy

Masses of scented yellow daisy-like flowers cover this evergreen bush.


This is a fast growing, evergreen, spreading shrub that grows up to 1½M tall. Plants tend to become leggy and untidy after a few years. Its bright yellow flowers are a welcome sight in winter and early spring. It is popular with honey bees.


E. virgineus comes from southern Africa. It is primarily a coastal plant, extending inland into grassland and the fynbos on mountain sides, sandy hill slopes and roadsides. It is tolerant of slightly alkaline soils.

Soil / Aspect:

This plant needs good drainage and a sunny site. It may need some watering during extended dry spells in summer. Its fast growth makes it ideal for new gardens.


This plant is best pruned hard after flowering to prevent it becoming too leggy. However, older plants may be readily propagated from cuttings.