Polygala x Little Bibi

Polygala x ” Little Bibi” – Sweet Pea Bush

Compact bush with semi-succulent leaves, covered in vibrant purple, pea-like flowers.


This is a compact, evergreen shrub that grows to a  maximum of 1.0M. The new leaves are tipped with purple, and the main flowering period is from September to November. The Polygala genus is large, contributing over half the species in the polygalaceae family, and garden centres / nurseries often offer the more open growing P. myrtifolia which comes in larger and smaller varieties.


Polygala x “Little Bibi” is a hybrid between P. myrtifolia and P. oppositifolia, with a very compact shape. So much so that it may need not pruning at all. In its natural habitat, in the fynbos ecosystem of South Africa‚Äôs Cape Province, Polygala myrtifolia is a fast-growing pioneer plant; that may be found on dunes, rocky places, along forest margins, beside streams, and in open grassland.. It does need good drainage, so “Little Bibi” does well in pots.

Soil / Aspect:

P. fruticosa is tolerant of a range of conditions, including salt-laden winds. However it prefers fast-draining, humus rich, acid soils. Its only real requirement is for full sun, in order to flower well. Once established it is drought tolerant.


Pruning is not generally necessary as it retains a compact habit. However, when required P. fruticosa may be pruned and will readily resprout from medium to hard pruning done on the young wood. Polygala fruticosa is freely self-seeding and small plants will appear around the parent plant after the first flowering season, and these will transplant easily.