Leucospermum x Scarlett Ribbons

Leucospermum x Scarlet Ribbons – Pincushion Protea

Orange stamens rise above a cushion of red ribbons in each inflorescence.


This is a small bush, growing up to 1.5M, flowering through late spring and early summer. It has an open growth habit. Inflorescence is 70-90 mm in diameter, made up of many individual flowers. Flowers are long lasting and make good cut flowers.


This variety is from a cross between L. glabrum and L. tottum, both of which are native to South Africa and grow in scrubland on rocky hillsides.

Soil / Aspect:

Leucospermum prefers poor, sandy, acidic soils with good drainage. Hardy to light frosts and drought tolerant. Requires full sun and dislikes high humidity. Avoid exposed locations as it does not like cold winds.


Do not add nutrients when planting and do not feed. Keep the ground under the plant clear, as its shallow roots do not respond well to competition.  To prevent the plant becoming straggly halve the new growth “candles” that emerge after flowering, before the candles extend.