Lampranthus aurantiacus

Lampranthus aurantiacus Pink – Ice Plant

A mat of long-lasting day-glow deep-cerise daisy-like flowers in late spring.


This is a spreading shrub, never more than about 20cm tall, layering as it goes. The succulent leaves, and flowers, are reminiscent of Mesembryanthemum. A flush of blooms covers the entire plant in late spring, and then it continues to flower sporadically through summer. It comes in a range of colours:


L. aurantiacus is native to South Africa. It colonises dry locations and poor soils in coastal areas.

Soil / Aspect:

It is best considered to be half-hardy and is best kept for coastal gardens in Tasman. It should be placed in full sun.


L. aurantiacus is very drought tolerant and must not be overwatered. You can remove rooted layer cuttings at any time of year, but probably kindest to do it in spring when there will be some rain whilst it is establishing itself.