Author: Reiner Kuske

Kawasaki Ninja 250R rear fairing removal

Today we’re just going to show you how to pull apart the rear fairings pretty simple here after you get the seat off the sides off don’t worry about the front because I’m doing something else but basically you want to take the plastics off that one the other side if you need to access that fairing but yeah so you pull plastic off pull the seat off the seats only held on by two bolts right here and it also slides in here.
so pull it off and then basically what you want to do is that bolt that bolt that bolt and then this one and that should pretty much take it right off and that’s pretty much,r6 fairings,┬áit I’ll go ahead and keep rolling and pull it off for you usually I have my air compressor my hair tools things a lot faster you will notice that there are two different sized bolts this short one short one goes underneath and a long one this one is on top.
I just pulled that from this pair and these two metal washers they’re not all the same these two are the same probably the same length as this one toobut our washes are kind of specific you see this washer see they see that a lip on it it fits into these holes like that so it keeps it from being that place and you’ll follow the ferry on the ferry same way on the other side except if you have to do the other side all you do is take this mold off and the one on the other side and that’s it,ninja 250r fairings, since you’ve already taking these two off and that’s pretty much it unless well just pull it off don’t forget there’s grunting right here.
that’s tough and sometimes they like this there pretty snug but just kind of work at it top it off and don’t forget the crown we’ll just slide it back on the faring so you don’t forget it later and just set off to the side,motorcycle fairings, where I’m only banished so now you have access to you know relay the stock one sits on here this is the aftermarket one that I’m going to start selling to him it’s only got two pins on it which is pretty cool I have dozens of ties so this is like where your your black guy would go this is your taillight section this is a kind of a mess because I’ve got a security system in here which ties into it and then that’s the brake lab modulator and then the brake light so there’s there’s a lot more wires in here then you call I see on this box light.