Vigorous herbaceous plant with flowers rising to about 1m above leaves to about 50cm. Violet-blue flower heads 6” across, above deep green, strap-like leaves.

Widely grown in Karin’s Garden, this is a fabulous plant, providing masses of colour year after year with little or no maintenance. This is one plant that even non-gardeners in New Zealand will recognise and enjoy.

Brilliant Blue:

There are many varieties. In smaller gardens it is best to avoid the larger varieties which can be a bit of a thug. Agapanthus “Brilliant Blue” is medium sized and one of the lighter blue colours, which helps it to stand out. Agapanthus “Timaru” is also medium sized and a darker blue. Agapanthus “Silver Baby is smaller and has near white flowers edged with blue/lilac.


Silver Baby:

Many other varieties are available. Click here to go to the Agapanthus “Brilliant Blue”page in Karin’s Garden.